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19 Tribute Street West
Shelley, Western Australia, 6148



WEEKDAYS 7AM to 2:30PM (Kitchen closes at 2PM)


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The Tribute has become known as a stunning and tasteful suburban café that consistently services beautiful food and excellent coffee. Why not make The Tribute Coffee + Kitchen the location of your next private function or event, and exceed the expectations of your guests.

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The Tribute Food Bank: : A community-focused initiative by The Tribute Coffee + Kitchen

Here at The Tribute, we believe a healthy business is one that bears positive fruit for all stakeholders. Hence, the founding vision of The Tribute was centred on the opportunity to be able to one day give back to the community in which we are based.

The reality of life is such that we will inevitably encounter tough and challenging seasons, whether it be financial, health, relational or other. However, we also believe that we are all ‘in this together’. In short, we are a community, and we believe generosity, compassion and selflessness are symptoms of a healthy community.

So we (The Tribute) put our heads together and asked the question, how can we utilise our hard and soft assets to give back to our amazing community? The answer is: The Tribute Food Bank!

What is it and how does it work?? Please read on..

Do you know of an individual/couple/family currently experiencing hardship or who find themselves in a tough and challenging season? If so, we want to hear from you. Why? Well, once per month, The Tribute staff (and any member of the community who wants to join in) will be volunteering their time to cook meals and prepare meal hampers. These meal hampers will then be allocated to individuals/couples/families who have been nominated (using the below online form) by a member of the community. In a nutshell, it will look a little something like this:

1) Once per month there will be a social media announcement calling for Tribute Food Bank Recipient Nominations

2) If you want to nominate an individual/couple/family currently experiencing hardship to receive a meal hamper, simply fill in the below online form

3) We will receive your nomination and respond to you via email with a pick-up time

4) The meal hamper is prepared by us, and picked up and delivered by you, and we hope in doing so, the recipients feel valued and loved.

Our hope is that, more than just a free meal, this gesture completely makes their day and boosts their sense of worth and value, knowing that people were thinking of them and genuinely care for them!

To conclude, this is a brand new initiative, and there will no doubt be some teething issues. Please be patient with us, we will certainly be doing our very best! Thanks for listening and participating - it means the world.


Team Tribute x

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